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The best multimedia marketing agency for health, wellness & awareness providers.

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“Our job is to provide multiple methods of interactive, on demand media, to share ideas and information related to health, wellness, and awareness.”

Through our RISE Multimedia Marketing Systems (RMMS), we offer a range of services from high level marketing strategy to comprehensive communication campaigns. We partner with businesses to provide marketing, promotion, advertising, operational and related administrative support to health, wellness, and awareness professionals and organizations of all sizes.

We maintain the Resurrecting Inspirational & Spiritual Experiences for Wellness, Awareness, & Recovery Community (RISE4WAR Community) to provide information concerning personal and professional health, wellness, and awareness in an interactive manner to those who populate and contribute to the group.

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Media Advertising

Using multiple means of mass communication to carry messages, stories, or points regarding the product in a highly informative way.

Database Development

Creation of a structured set of data related to the desired audience in a safe and accessible manner.

Partner Development

Approaching potential partners to foster new ideas and collectively address common issues.

Communication Campaigns 

Successful conveying or sharing of ideas, also the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

Fundraising Campaigns

Searching for and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging a predetermined audience.

Strategic Planning

Using self-examination and other mechanisms to define a strategy or direction to attain the identified goals.

Website Development

Building and maintenance work to make a website look great, work fast, and perform well with a seamless user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Improving the quality and quantity of website traffic which is driven to a website or a web page directly from various search engines.

Social Media Management

Designing and implementing social media strategies to align with business goals.


Educational Campaigns

Using expertise to educate the identified audience about the chosen topics.


Providing educational or informational presentations, lectures, workshops or seminars that are transmitted over the web using video conferencing software.

RISE4WAR eMagazine

Published digitally on the Internet, through bulletin board systems, and other forms of public computer networks. It can be read offline on various media delivery devices.

RISE4WAR Podcasts

A family of audio or video broadcasts, addressing a variety of topics, that are distributed over the Internet for downloading to various media delivery devices.

RISE4WAR Membership

A collection of individuals who share information concerning personal and professional health, wellness, and awareness in an interactive manner to those who populate and contribute to the group.

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Research related to the potential project.

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Designing and creating the project.

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Execution of the project.

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Evaluation of the performance.

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